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Americana Singer/Songwriter

Allison Shirk is a singer-songwriter and guitarist whose music blends her Texas country roots with her love for vocal jazz and soul. From an early age, her mom would have her sing for house guests and at elderly care homes. She rebelled from small town life and domestic violence in her home as an early teen, becoming head strong and fiercely independent from her family. It was finally in college that she picked up the guitar to accompany her voice and immediately began writing songs. At the same time, she was introduced to the Beatles and Bob Dylan and binged on the new music with a fury.

She moved to Hawaii in 1996 and began performing with a punk band and in coffee houses as a singer-songwriter, while continuously writing new music. She married her college sweetheart and then was betrayed by him three weeks after their wedding. So she backpacked through Europe writing poetry in an attempt to mend her broken heart. Then in 2000, she re-emerged in the Northwest playing in bands and solo as a singer/songwriter. 

Then there was the constant creative challenge of making an album worth making. With scenes from the beginning, middle, and end of marriage, she released her debut album, Break My Heart, in 2014. The album chronicled her dark childhood and romantic yearnings. The album was a heartfelt mixture of folk , country, and jazz, and drew upon influences like Ryan Adams and Norah Jones.  Allison released Live from the Blue Heron in 2015, a live recording of a sold-out concert in her hometown, Vashon Island.

Allison's rich voice has just the right amount of grit and warmth and her melodious tunes support her poetic and often personal lyrics. Her voice is unique, with subtle inflections, and her sincerity and soulfulness are infectious.

Today, Allison is backed by a stellar band of local musicians including Wesley Peterson on drums, Anthony Mann on keys, Charles Keller on bass, Doug Pine on guitar, and Sarah Howard on backing vocals. The group is scheduled to record a music video and head to the studio to record a new album of original music in 2018.